1. Hassan - 19
2. Laki - 16
3. B4D 4SS - 13
4. BUX - 13
5. Marisa - 11
1. Laki - 12
2. Lyreco - 10
3. CR70 - 8
4. Maddude - 6
5. B4D - 6
Clean Sheets:
1. Enzo - 3
2. Impaciente - 2
3. Neat - 1
4. Jamaica - 1
5. Wiaz - 1
Own Goals:
1. Impaciente - 3
2. Moti - 3
3. B ull - 2
4. DRA - 2
5. B4D - 1
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Eredivisie Official Rules

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Eredivisie Official Rules Empty Eredivisie Official Rules

Post by Lyreco on Tue 01 Jan 2019, 02:26

1. Season Format
2. 3DEF
3. Behaviour
4. Fixtures
5. Wildcards
6. Cheating
7. Match Reports
8. Signings

1. Season Format
Format: 4on4 3DEF
Map: Big
Time: 2x7 (2 halves of 7 minutes)
Official Time: 21CET/20PM

2. 3DEF
Eredivisie Official Rules WKQi5a0
If you touch the DM while he still has controll of the ball and attack, itll count as 4def.
However, if the opponents attack is close to the middle line, the ST can interrupt the attack and it won't count
as 4def.

3. Behaviour
We will have a System of warning points (credits to Feed Me)
If you get 3 warning points, you won't be able to play some matches (how many matches depends on what kind of thing you've done)
This will be decided by the Admin Team. If you have ANY complain, pm or post in the complaint forum.
If somebody's behaviour is bad in an official game, dont do the same thing back because it could cause you one warning point.
Just reply on the Match Report with your complain and the Admin team will decide whether he gets a warning point or not.
If you have a problem, with a team or a player, make sure to report this on the Complain Forum or on the Match Report, without a complaint the Admin team cannot help you.

Some examples for the warning points system:

1. Doing too many 3def mistakes - Warning point
2. Insulting/Banning players from your opponents team - Warning point
3. Ragequitting officials - Warning point

4. Fixtures
Matchday will be played on Monday and Fridat 21CET/20PM

5. Wildcards
The deadline for posting wildcards is at 20CET/19GMT. After that it is not possible to use a wildcard, but it will be possible that the opponents will accept a late wildcard.
Every team gets 3 wildcards for the first half of the Season, at the beginning of the second half you will be given 3 extras. On the final matchday you can't wildcard, as all matches must be played and cannot be delayed any further.
Cup games there is no limit for wildcards, except for on the Cup Final, as all games have got to be played on that date.

6. Cheating
If someone is being faked, and gets caught, the opponent team will receive a defwin for that match.
If you suspect a player is being faked in the opponents team, tell the player to come to the Eredivisie TS to prove themselves, if you are still uncertain or if the player refuses, inform an admin and the problem will be resolved.
Macro is also not allowed; and if you are caught you could get a season-long ban.

7. Match Report
When you post a match, please do it this way:

Team 1 0:0 (score) Team 2

Team 1 Lineup:
Team 2 Lineup:


1st half
Goal (assist) 12:09 (time of the goal in the rec)

2nd half
Same thing

Mark GOTW (Goals of the week) goals with ''**''

8. Signings
A team can have a max of 12 players.
A player can only play for a max of 2 teams in one season, of course only 1 team at a time.
A player is deemed to have played for a team after they have played 1 official with them, including if they where in the official for just a few seconds.
If you didn’t confirm in the teams topic, you are not allowed to play officials. If you do play it would be defloss for your team and it could give you a warning point. If there is any problem which causes that you cant confirm, PM Lyreco on ts.

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