Future of Eredivisie

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Future of Eredivisie

Post by Lyreco on Wed 10 Oct 2018, 14:21

Hey guys!

I have an announcement to make about the future of Eredivisie. It's a positive way!
We are joining the RHL (Romanian Haxball League) Teamspeak! Not only that, we are having a partership together.
We are going to host lots of events and funcups together.

For example:
League Winner of ERE vs League Winner of RHL.


Ofcourse you can join our teamspeak here:

You can find the RHL website here:


Also, we will start Season 3 after #17 Edition of HCL (Haxball Champions League).
Team Applications are still opened!

We are still looking for staff members on our league, if you are interested PM aMp/Hektor/Lyreco on our new TS3 server.

Shoutout to the head-admin of RHL (KriebFCP) for accepting our offer for the partnership!

Greetings from the admin team,


See you soon!

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