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2. Laki - 16
3. B4D 4SS - 13
4. BUX - 13
5. Marisa - 11
1. Laki - 12
2. Lyreco - 10
3. CR70 - 8
4. Maddude - 6
5. B4D - 6
Clean Sheets:
1. Enzo - 3
2. Impaciente - 2
3. Neat - 1
4. Jamaica - 1
5. Wiaz - 1
Own Goals:
1. Impaciente - 3
2. Moti - 3
3. B ull - 2
4. DRA - 2
5. B4D - 1
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[SPECIAL] Birthday interview with TehBeast

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[SPECIAL] Birthday interview with TehBeast Empty [SPECIAL] Birthday interview with TehBeast

Post by ocho on Tue 03 Jul 2018, 13:52

Hello everyone! I have a very very special interview for all of you watching today on this beautiful tuesday afternoon.. It's an interview with the one and only TehBeast, who has been playing Haxball for over 6,5 years. Here is his story and his point of view of the progress in his Haxball career.

Real name: Arend-Jan
Age: 21
Living in: Alkmaar (just above Amsterdam)
Playing haxball since: 2011
Current team: QuickSwans
Employment: Jobless
Studying: Business Economics
Favourite food: Lasagna

Hi TehBeast! Glad you could make it to the interview! How are you today?

I'm fine! Thank you very much for asking!

Absolutely no problem! So let's start from the beginning, shall we? When did u start playing Haxball?

Let me think... I started playing haxball around 2011 where I started playing in clans with other dutch players... Later in that year I joined the Feed Me league and the rest is history I think!

Very interesting, very interesting INDEED.. If im not mistaking, you started off in TI Sparta, correct?

You seem very well informed. You did your preparations right? Haha. Okay. I indeed started in off in the TI Sparta, managed by OvoXo. Back when I joined we were playing at the bottom of the league. In a few seasons, we managed to build the team into a very well functioning machine competing for the league title. I really enjoyed my time at TI Sparta with kind and skillful players.

Yes, yes indeed. I am very up to date with all the players in the Haxball community of course. You basically joined FM when it was really coming up! Are you happy with the progress it has gained? Or are you very upset with the well being of the current state of the league?

Comparing the current Feed Me to the Feed Me in 2011, it has really grown into the most respected European league in my opinion. I think the admins are doing a good job into making the league enjoyable. For me it's the only relevant league and I enjoy playing it - even though I didn't manage to get a lot of play time this season!

Yeah! You're currently in QuickSwans but they're choosing Skinny above you.. Does that have anything to do with you playing DM most of the time in fs? Since that's one of the main positions (besides AM) you came up with of course? Or do you feel like you could fight for the GK spot in QuickSwans?

After Skinny joined, I didn't really have motivation to compete for my spot. Besides that, with the arrival of HTML I currently prefer playing as a dm rather than gk. If I wanted, I could probably get more play time, but our general performance is good so there is no reason to change the line-up for now. It would be nice to finally win division 1 after 6,5 years!

Yeah, that would be awesome. Besides Haxball, what other things do you enjoy doing?

I study business economics, so a good chunk of my time is being invested in getting good grades. In my spare time I try to do some sports at least once a week, and try to climb my elo on League of Legends!

Ah cool, what year are you currently in? And yeah I know the struggle of climbing in League of Legends! I heard Pizzi is struggling too..

Currently I'm in year 3. One more year to obtain my bachelor degree. I agree climbing out of lower elo is not easy, especially when you play with people like Pizzi who plays Ezreal jungle, go afk mid game and die to turrets..

Oh, that's great! Good job aswell. And people like Pizzi really ruin the game for people trying to climb elo and trying to go professional one day. By the way, maybe a rude question to ask, but how old are you and where are you from?

Yes, becoming a professional LoL player is actually a dream of mine! I am 20 years old - turning 21 in 7 minutes - and I come from Alkmaar (just above Amsterdam).

Oh that's actually crazy? That's really a coincidence if I say so myself. Alkmaar really is a beautiful city. The rapper Boef is also from there! beng beng haha? okay. You also were the captain for the Dutch national team for awhile with great players like: Zerothree, Nino, huub, Stefan (Styl), Suarez#09 and Kokolol. What were those times like? Most of the players listed already quit haxball.


Happy birthday!

Thank you! And It was a really fun time. The Nations cup brought a different kind of excitement than regular league games and at some point we had a fairly decent squad. We managed to win a Nations cup organised on Feed Me at some point, however we never managed to perform well on the Nations cup organised by ESL. I think the current Dutch national team is far more talented than the one I managed a few years ago. Even though Nino quit, a lot of good Dutch players came back in return. I think the Dutch squad has a good chance of winning the Nations cup in the next edition.

Yeah, i definitely agree with you there. To round up this interview are there any special moments you experienced in haxball in particular?

That's a difficult question.. I think the title match TI Sparta vs. Northern Lights to win division 1 was special for me, even though we lost the title in that match. It was the most intense match I ever played considering the stake of the match. Also moments like Zerothree constantly spamming to cover the sides in the Nations cup and conceding 7 goals against Latvia (?) are iconic for me. I can't really think of anything else atm.. Haxball keeps suprising me everyday!

Yeah, haxball is definitely a game with weird turns and events! Are there any special shout outs you want to give?

Of course big shout-out to the gang (ocho, Jesé, Koekiemonsterx, Pizzi, jovetic), Anddy, Mish, pele, xSha and everyone else that makes Haxball an enjoyable game for me!

Great, thank you so much for your time! And good luck in the future! haha okay? okay.

Thank you! okay? okay.

Cya guys next time (maybe. Probably not) Wink You can still leave suggestions below!


Big shout out to: TehBeast, Pizzi, Jesé, Koekiemonsterx, jovetic, huub, xSha, Styl, Lyreco, Dereh, modderman8, MrRaz, PhosPH, Ramzi, EmreColak#52, Nino, Buffon and of course DonLokko.


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[SPECIAL] Birthday interview with TehBeast Empty Re: [SPECIAL] Birthday interview with TehBeast

Post by Lyreco on Wed 04 Jul 2018, 18:53

wow Teh you are a really interesting guy

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