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Disbaned Teams

Post by Lyreco on Sat Feb 10, 2018 12:51 pm

Hashtag United Disbaned from Eredivisie.
FEAR disbaned from Eredivisie.

Hashtag United had multiple captains, which all of 3 the didnt play all matches,  which is pretty a shame.

jelly will receive an permanenlty ban from being a captain, just like ts1 and Efeh got.

FEAR will get disbaned for the reason aMp (captain) was argue about the defwins he got, which was all his bad but he didn't admit it. Not only that see the next chats:

<22:22:30> "^aMp^^": yo lyreco
<22:23:49> "Lyreco": hi
<22:24:10> "^aMp^^": so why they want to take defwin
<22:24:12> "^aMp^^": i dont understend
<22:24:19> "Lyreco": u were 30 mins late
<22:24:21> "^aMp^^": no
<22:24:22> "^aMp^^": i wasnt
<22:24:22> "Lyreco": so they take defwin
<22:24:23> "^aMp^^":
<22:24:25> "Lyreco": what dont u get
<22:24:26> "^aMp^^": ups
<22:24:30> "Lyreco": ye u are
<22:24:34> "^aMp^^":
<22:24:36> "^aMp^^": watch this
<22:24:38> "^aMp^^": when i ask
<22:24:39> "^aMp^^": Lumi
<22:24:39> "^aMp^^": to play
<22:24:45> "^aMp^^": cuz i dint know that he isnt from the team
<22:24:56> "^aMp^^": we was ready
<22:25:01> "^aMp^^": when Jerix asked us at
<22:25:05> "^aMp^^": 21 10 cet
<22:25:07> "^aMp^^": we say yes
<22:25:14> "^aMp^^": and he ask like a dumb to me
<22:25:20> "^aMp^^": like he dont know the play time when
<22:25:29> "^aMp^^": and i did say nothing cuz i did search vps and then i told him
<22:25:29> "Lyreco": MAN
<22:25:30> "Lyreco": pm jerix
<22:25:31> "Lyreco": wtf
<22:25:31> "^aMp^^": if u have vps go now
<22:25:34> "Lyreco": why do u
<22:25:36> "Lyreco": pm lumi
<22:25:38> "Lyreco": pm the captain
<22:25:39> "Lyreco": retard
<22:25:44> "^aMp^^": cuz i didnt know
<22:25:47> "^aMp^^": that Jerix is capitan
<22:25:49> "Lyreco": ar eu mad
<22:25:50> "^aMp^^": cuz Nocke was cpaitan
<22:25:54> "Lyreco": thats a lame joke
<22:26:00> "Lyreco": nocke never was captain
<22:26:01> "Lyreco": of vd
<22:26:04> "Lyreco": noce joined ur team
<22:26:07> "Lyreco": stoplying
<22:26:13> "^aMp^^": i dont fucking lyng
<22:26:17> "^aMp^^": i give u the message
<22:26:17> "Lyreco": jerix pmed u and voyager
<22:26:20> "Lyreco": u only med one player
<22:26:21> "^aMp^^": what i give to Lumi
<22:26:23> "Lyreco": who isnt even the cap
<22:26:27> "Lyreco": ye but idc
<22:26:28> "Lyreco": lumi was afk
<22:26:31> "^aMp^^": yeah m2
<22:26:31> "Lyreco": lumi wouldnt play
<22:26:33> "^aMp^^": yeah and
<22:26:34> "Lyreco": in the offi
<22:26:37> "^aMp^^": HOW CAN I KNOW
<22:26:42> "^aMp^^": 1l u dont have a fuckoing normal server
<22:26:44> "Lyreco": you can know by pming jerix
<22:26:46> "^aMp^^": 2. he have more players
<22:26:50> "Lyreco": u didnt
<22:26:52> "Lyreco": u had 2 players
<22:26:53> "Lyreco": online
<22:26:56> "^aMp^^": l0l ?
<22:26:56> "Lyreco": and u didnt pm jerix
<22:26:57> "^aMp^^": =]]]
<22:27:03> "^aMp^^": go HaxLife and watch
<22:27:06> "^aMp^^": how long is Chimie
<22:27:08> "^aMp^^": and Nocke on
<22:27:09> "Lyreco": who cares about haxlife
<22:27:12> "Lyreco": this is eredivsiei
<22:27:15> "Lyreco": they need to be here
<22:27:18> "^aMp^^": no this is PremierHax
<22:27:21> "^aMp^^": when i gived ip
<22:27:22> "^aMp^^": they say
<22:27:24> "^aMp^^": that 3v3 ip
<22:27:28> "^aMp^^": i wait 4v4 league ip
<22:27:31> "^aMp^^": and they didnt join
<22:27:32> "^aMp^^": thats happen
<22:27:35> "Lyreco": thats not my bad
<22:27:38> "Lyreco": i made a topic
<22:27:39> "^aMp^^": and i dont like that lumi stay there like a pussy
<22:27:40> "Lyreco": with we move
<22:27:41> "Lyreco": to here
<22:27:41> "^aMp^^": and i didnt knew
<22:27:56> "^aMp^^": idc man im really mad with this shit thing
<22:28:00> "^aMp^^": im really from 21 cet
<22:28:03> "^aMp^^": when Jerix
<22:28:03> "Lyreco": its your own fault
<22:28:06> "Lyreco": if you just pmed jerix
<22:28:08> "^aMp^^": no its isnt
<22:28:11> "Lyreco": ye it is
<22:28:16> "^aMp^^": no its not
<22:28:18> "Lyreco": ye it is
<22:28:23> "^aMp^^": cuz the bitch lumi its stay there
<22:28:28> "^aMp^^": and not vicious Delicious
<22:28:32> "Lyreco": l0l
<22:28:35> "Lyreco": not your insulting
<22:28:37> "Lyreco": now*
<22:28:42> "Lyreco": thatsnot qa good thing
<22:28:43> "Lyreco": a
<22:28:48> "^aMp^^": omg
<22:28:52> "^aMp^^": MAN HE FUCKING STAY THERE
<22:28:54> "^aMp^^": HOW NEED I KNOW
<22:28:58> "^aMp^^": THAT HE ISNT FROM VICIOUS
<22:29:05> "Lyreco": u just needed to pm all players
<22:29:07> "Lyreco": like jerix did
<22:29:08> "^aMp^^": l0l why ?
<22:29:12> "Lyreco": IF YOU DONT KNOW
<22:29:13> "^aMp^^": Lumi is adm ffs
<22:29:14> "Lyreco": WHO CAP IS
<22:29:16> "Lyreco": THEN PM ALL
<22:29:18> "Lyreco": LIKE JERIX DID
<22:29:21> "Lyreco": admin
<22:29:23> "Lyreco": of permhax
<22:29:24> "Lyreco": premhax yes
<22:29:27> "Lyreco": but still isnt cao
<22:29:52> "Lyreco": cap
<22:29:52> "^aMp^^": wait a sek
<22:29:54> "^aMp^^": sec
<22:29:55> "^aMp^^": i give u
<22:29:58> "^aMp^^": my talk with Jerix
<22:30:02> "Lyreco": do it
<22:30:04> "Lyreco": it wont change tho
<22:30:08> "Lyreco": vd will keep the defwin
<22:30:16> "^aMp^^": =]]
<22:30:28> "^aMp^^":
<22:30:30> "^aMp^^": take this shit
<22:30:46> "^aMp^^": no one teams will play anymore in this shit league
<22:30:52> "^aMp^^": when u will not make nothing
<22:30:57> "Lyreco": lol
<22:31:02> "Lyreco": u ignored him l0l
<22:31:03> "Lyreco": he pmed with

<22:31:05> "Lyreco": when
<22:31:07> "Lyreco": and then u go afk
<22:31:08> "Lyreco": n1
<22:31:08> "^aMp^^": I WAS IN FS
<22:31:11> "Lyreco": idc
<22:31:13> "Lyreco": u werent here
<22:31:15> "Lyreco": thats the point
<22:31:18> "^aMp^^": omg
<22:31:20> "^aMp^^": at 12 mins
<22:31:21> "^aMp^^": i say
<22:31:23> "^aMp^^": go now
<22:31:26> "Lyreco": if you dont like you can leave idm
<22:31:32> "^aMp^^": i will leave yes
<22:31:34> "^aMp^^": fuck it
<22:31:35> "^aMp^^": shit leagues
<22:31:38> "Lyreco": bb
<22:31:40> Chat partner has closed the conversation

and then after this he was just insulting this league which isnt important

aMp will receive a permanently ban for being a captain in Eredivisie.

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Re: Disbaned Teams

Post by B4D4SS on Sat Feb 10, 2018 9:16 pm

Disbanded* Razz


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